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Are you looking for a fun winter activity? 
Curling offers great recreation and comradery for
people of all ages.  Curlers take advantage of
clubhouse amenities with no membership initiation fee.

Our curling season begins with league play Mid-October and concludes by the Mid-April.

Members choose to curl at Cataraqui for many reasons and if you ask them they will emphatically tell you that Cataraqui is the BEST CURLING CLUB EVER!  How did the members proclaim this title? There are many reasons from:

  • Renovated locker rooms
  • Full dining service
  • A modern, comfortable lounge
  • Lifelong friendships to curl with, socialize with, travel with and for some they even met their future spouse at the Club
  • Great Parties
  • Fitness that is fun
  • Competitive and Recreational levels of play
  • Convenient Game Times
  • It all adds up to the Best Curling Club Ever!

How do I Join?

Joining Cataraqui has never been easier. We offer two great introductory membership options for new curlers at Cataraqui so that you can get to know all of the ins and outs of curling. The best part is that regardless of your choice we will equip you with your very own pair of curling shoes, broom and name tag within the price! Either choice is just $350 plus tax. There are no other fees that apply.

The first option and our recommended option if you are a new curler is to join our Development Program. The Development Program will teach you all of the skills required to maximize your enjoyment of curling. This is a 15 week program (2 hours each night) on Thursday nights at 8pm. You will learn to curl with the help of our instructors and are grouped based on ability levels and people that you know.

Click Here to join the Development Program NOW!

The second option is to join as an Introductory Curler. The introductory curler can participate in any of our traditional leagues (not the Development Program). You can play in one league or you can play in multiple leagues – it is up to you and all for the same price of $350 plus tax.

I'm hooked - can I join both the Development Program and also play in the traditional leagues? Absolutely! We would love to have you playing multiple leagues and improve your skills in our Development Program. The additional fee to top up your membership is $135 plus tax.

The first social event of the curling season is our Open House event on Thursday September 29th beginning at 7pm. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our returning members, league conveners and have many of your questions answered.

Are there any clinics to learn how to curl?

As mentioned, the best way to learn to curl is to join our Development Program. However, over the course of the year we do offer a number of clinics and have many volunteers that are happy to assist you in your development.

League Information:

Our curling is primarily divided into Club leagues and Flight leagues.

Club Leagues

For "Club" curling, members sign up individually for each draw or series of games. Each draw is normally comprised of 5 games and after the completion of 5 games, a new draw with new teams is developed. Players are rated on their curling ability to keep the entire teams equal in skill level.

  • Tuesday Night Men's Club: Game times are 5:45pm and 8:00pm.
  • Tuesday Night Women’s Club: Game time 5:45pm and 8:00pm.
  • Day Ladies' Club: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm.
  • Thursday Morning Men's Senator Curling: Game time 9:30am with teams selected weekly.
  • Senior Mixed Friday's at 3:00pm - teams selected weekly.
Flight Leagues

"Flight" curling is a great way for four friends to curl together for the winter. Our members create the teams and you stay together as a "rink" for the entire season. Sometimes teams are looking for a fourth so if you do not already have a team, please let our Curling Coordinator know that you are available for flight curling. Our Curling Coordinator will try to assist you with getting a team.
  • NEW for this year is a Doubles League: Sundays at 9am
  • Men’s Daytime League on Monday mornings at 9am.
  • Monday Night OPEN League at 5:45pm and 8pm. Teams may be men’s teams, women’s teams, juniors or any combination of players and is seeded by team ability.
  • Men's Wednesday Night Flight: 5:45pm and 8:00pm
  • Day Ladies Flight: Wednesday morning at 9:15pm
  • Stick League: Wednesday Afternoon at 1:00pm
  • Women’s Thursday Night Flight: 5:45pm and 8:00pm
  • Mixed Flight: Friday night at 5:45pm and 8:00pm.

2016-2017 Curling Fees

We have a number of different membership options. For curlers that are not golf members at Cataraqui you have three main membership options:
  1. The first – if you are a first time curler at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club you can join as an Introductory Curling Member for $350 plus tax.
  2. The second – is to join as a “Limited” Curling member. This option permits you to participate in multiple leagues at the club throughout the entire curling season.
  3. The third – is to join in our 12 month curling category that we term as Senior Curling. This category permits 12 month access to the club so that you can continue to enjoy our beautiful surroundings – as a bonus this category is permitted full usage of our golf practice facility at no extra cost.
Senior Curling (12 months) $730
Senior Golf & Curling Top Up Fee $235
Curling 19-23 (as at Dec. 31) $265
Curling 24-29 (as at Dec. 31) $315
Intermediate Golf & Curling Top Up Fee $235
Limited Curling (6 months) $480
Introductory Curling $350
Friday Mixed Spouse $225
Junior Unlimited (with permission of Junior section) $205
Junior Non-Member $95
Junior Parent Member $65

Other Fees:
We are very proud that our members contribute to an ongoing capital fund to keep our Club in beautiful condition and will allow curling to thrive for years at Cataraqui. Funding has recently been utilized to purchase new curling rocks, compressors, condensers, lighting enhancements, lounge improvements, new locker rooms, and more! For curlers, our capital fee program begins at age 30 and is billed on a monthly basis. As a limited curler you will have 6 billings of $30.60 and as a senior curling member you will have 12 billings of $15.30. Introductory curlers are exempt from capital fees. Lastly, to operate our food and beverage (F&B) services curlers (35 years of age and older) have a minimum purchase level that they must attain on F&B purchases. It is very easy to attain the purchase level and if for some reason you fall shy of the minimum level the difference is billed.


For more information on our curling program, please call 613-546-1753.

Curling at Cataraqui...the coolest thing to do this winter.