Contact Information:

Cataraqui Golf & Country Club
32 Country Club Drive
Kingston, ON K7M 0K1
Telephone: 613-546-1753

Key Staff

Daniel Beauregard
Chief Operating Officer
613-546-4221 ext. 100

Iain Reston
PGA Canada, Head Golf Professional
613-546-4221 ext. 300

Matthew Eastman
Course Superintendent

Curling Co-ordinator
613-546-4221 ext. 317

Kris Garde
Member Dining Manager
613-546-4221 ext. 138

Lisa Andrews
Catering & Events Manager
613-546-4221 ext. 137

Gary Mahoney
Executive Chef
613-546-4221 ext. 201

Shawn Ganderton
Finance & Administration Officer
613-546-4221 ext. 101

Hayley Scanlan
Executive Assistant & Communications
613-546-4221 ext. 103

Diane High
Membership Administrator & Accounts Receivable
613-546-4221 ext. 102

Dianne Gilbert
HR & Accounting Assistant
613-546-4221 ext. 104

Guest Information

Dress Code: Golf Course and Practice Areas

Hats, caps may not be worn backwards on the golf course, on the practice areas or in the clubhouse.

Male Attire:
• Dress slacks or golf slacks
• Dress golf sweater/jacket
• Dress shorts (maximum 6" above the knee)
• Golf shirt with collar (Mock T and turtleneck is acceptable)
• Shoes or sandals may be worn with or without socks or sockettes

Female Attire:
• Dress slacks, golf slacks, culottes or golf skirt
• Dress golf sweater/jacket
• Dress shorts (maximum 6" above the knee)
• Tailored blouse or golf shirt with a collar or sleeves
• Shoes or sandals may be worn with or without socks or sockettes

The club professional is primarily responsible for enforcing the Dress Code on the golf course and practice area. All members and guest must wear "soft" spikes on the golf course. No Exceptions!

Dress Code: Curling

Attire dictated by warmth, safety and good taste.

Dress Code: Clubhouse

• Attire appropriate for a curling, golfing or social event is acceptable.
• Denim slacks that are tidy and respectful are permitted within clubhouse and patio areas except in dining room.
• Male members and guests are not permitted to wear headgear on the upper level. Note: Religious headgear is acceptable at all times.
• All members and guests are encouraged to remove headwear on the lower level.

In the Dining Room

• Smart business casual
• Special events may have exceptions to the smart business casual dress code


Attire which is unacceptable includes the following:
• Short shorts, athletic shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, ripped clothing, and clothing with offensive slogans/messages.

A senior manager is primarily responsible for enforcing the Dress Code in the clubhouse. A member is requested not to bring Dress Code infractions to the attention of another member. Dress Code infractions should be brought to the attention of a senior manager.

The Dress Code applies equally to special functions sponsored by members. The member-sponsor shall ensure that his/her guests are aware of and comply with its regulations.

Ambiguities in the application of the Dress Code are left to the discretion of a senior manager. Members and guests who are not properly attired may be asked to change or to leave the premises. The Dress Code may be reviewed annually.

To avoid embarrassment, members are asked to ensure that they and their guests wear appropriate attire.


The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club and its workers strive to communicate with people with disabilities in ways that consider each person's particular disability.

We review and update policies and staff training on an ongoing basis.

Please please click this link to see a pdf copy of our current policy.